Stainless steel watch for him and her

Some people would like to have an indestructible watch. A timepiece with a clear dial and streamlined design. Journey Ultimate is a new collection that fits this need for quality. Only the highest materials are used for this all stainless steel watch. This beautiful watch can definitely take a beating.

New quality watches from Prisma

Edelstaal horloge voor hem prisma Journey Ultimate zilver all stainless steel watch Nederlands horlogemerk

All stainless steel watch design.

Is quality all you expect in a watch? Not a chance. Your watch is a statement. Probably the most determining accessory there is. That is why we love watches so much. A Prisma timepiece gives a little insight into who you are. It represents your lifestyle.

The first thing that strikes are the pointed index and hands. In the same color as the watch strap. This combination creates a pretty coherent overall. The Prisma designers had a great deal of work to do for this beautiful design. It’s nice that the Ultimate Journey collection has the same model for men and women. The men’s watch has a case size of 39 mm. The ladies watch has a smaller size (28 mm).

Edelstaal horloge voor hem prisma Journey Ultimate werkhorloges
Edelstaal horloge voor haar prisma Journey Ultimate goud all stainless steel watch

The all stainless steel watch has a date movement. Only the men’s watch. It is decided to apply a Miyota 2035 movement to the ladies watch. Which creates a beautiful visual balance. Furthermore is the watch without a date almost 15% cheaper.

Which characteristics does this all stainless steel watch have? First of all is the collection equipped with sapphire glass. This prevents scratches, making the watch glass still bright after repeated use. In addition, the all stainless steel watch is 10 ATM waterproof. This withstands 100 meter (water) pressure. This watch is suitable for swimming. To guarantee the quality, you have warranty against water damage.

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prisma horloges prisma watches edelstaal horloge
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Therefore the Journey Ultimate is a beautiful all stainless steel watch for him and her! The price varies from € 65,- for the silver ladies watch to € 98,- for the golden men’s watch. A very interesting price for an all stainless steel watch with date, sapphire glass and 10 ATM waterproof.

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