Stretch Band Watches

A stretch band watch is still very attractive for both ladies and gentlemen. View below the complete range of stretch band watches for women and men.

Stretch band watches

We cannot say that is watch has ever been out of sales, because this classic style has always been. Strong ties with history and character. That is why Prisma continues to come up with new designs. The comfortable stretch strap watches are still often worn. Why?


Comfortable stretch straps

Watches with stretch straps are very easy to do and can not just pop out. The straps are very comfortable around the wrist. Therefore the wearing comfort is high. Because the tires consist of solid stainless steel or titanium they are strong and durable.


Stretch band watches for ladies and gentlemen

Prisma has models with waistband for ladies and for men. You can choose from silver, gold or bicolor copies. Take, for example, the minimalist Retro Dome movement with matching stretch strap.

The Prisma Regnant Belief is a series with a characteristic dial in different colors. Protected by the super-resistant sapphire glass. And with 5 ATM suitable for swimming (not for diving). The date function is a nice extra function that has been added to this men’s watch.

Model Regnant Sense is the women’s model (28 mm) of the series. This ladies watch is also available in different variations, but without date function. It is a simple watch, but with the same allure as the “Belief” version (34 mm).

Besides these watches there is also a model with an attractive blue dial (also available with white or black dial). The eye-catching hands give the watch a playful look. With a box size of 38 mm, the nice size watch for the man who enjoys absolute freedom and flexibility.



We expect that the stretch band watches will always stay in demand. That is why you can find them in our range as standard. Which model is your favorite? Shortening is very simple, so you do not have to leave it at that. Discover the convenience of a stretch band. Once you have a stretch strap watch on your wrist, you do not want to be without it!