The Style of Do

De stijl van Do en tips voor meer zelfvertrouwen.

Sometimes we just want to stay inside our comfort zone. But out there is where the new opportunities are. We just have to take the first step… which can be scary. Be inspired by the bold style of Do and her tips on self confidence.

Look 1: Say it with stiletto’s  

Do believes that style is an expression of yourself. There are no rules. She personally loves to wear patterns and remarkable details. A bold striped top for example, combined with high and sparkly stiletto’s.


Look 2: Romantic chic

Even though Do does not hesitate to try something different and crazy, she knows that less is more. ‘’When it comes to jewelry, I like fine and minimalistic pieces because they balance out my eyecatching outfits.’’

For this romantic look, Do is wearing her favorite Prisma watch: the Prisma Carre Gold. This watch matches her other gold jewels perfectly. ‘’Gold is so delicate, it instantly looks chic and it goes with everything.’’


Look 3: Stripes in the city

‘’Style is dynamic and can not be labeled.’’ Do says, ‘’Do not feel restricted by certain ‘types of styles’. Just do you. Finding your own style is a process, it is all about experimenting. Over time, you will find the combinations that suit you.’’

Do is wearing combinations that you would not immediately think about. For example, this matte striped top together with a pair of shiny black boots. The different looks with and without trenchcoat and glasses prove that accessoiries really can make a difference in the overall style of an outfit.

Do’s tips for more self confidence

It can be scary to have your own style, but feeling confident in it makes you happy. Do shares her tips for more trust in your own journey and style.

STOP comparing

Seriously, don’t compare yourself to other people. It is not even logical to do so, since we are all different. We have different lives, backgrounds, values and cultures, so why would
you compare someones performance in a certain area with your own successes? Be inspired by others, but realise that you can’t be them and they can’t be you. It will never happen.

Start your journey with acceptance and grace

Maybe this is the most difficult part… learning to accept the things that cannot be changed. For example, your appearance. We can’t have it all, we are born a certain way. The good news is that you don’t have to love every part of yourself, you only need to learn to accept things the way they are.

Build on your qualities

This takes us to the last thing: shifting your focus. Instead of focussing on the things you do not have or have not achieved, look at the things you are good at and the areas in which you can make an impact. Think about your personal beliefs, dreams and ambitions and work on them. Be the best version of yourself.

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