7 Summer Essentials For Every Women

It’s June, and we all know what that means… summertime! With these 7 summer essentials, you will be ready to face the sun. Let’s have some fun!

1. A nice bag
Hello sun, we missed you! There is nothing better than going out on a sunny day and taking a well filled bag with you. Whether you are heading to the beach, making a city trip or having a picknick with family and friends, a bag with enough space is a must-have and awesome summer essential.

2. Flat shoes
Someone said shoes? We think summer is the perfect season for some flat open shoes. They are comfortable, easy to wear and very light. Also, they go with everything. Flats can make your outfit casual, or chique, depending on how you want to style them. Do you like your shoes to make a statement? Go for a bright colour, like these lovely ochreous flats from Modcloth. If you want to be able to combine your shoes with every outfit, a neutral colour, for example, black, brown, white or nude is a good idea as summer essential.

3. A summer watch
This summer, we surprise the watch fans again with stunning new models. The perfect summer essential. Silver, gold and rose gold, or do you prefer a nice colour? They are all there; pastels, bright colours, plain or with a pattern. An new accessory can give you the best summer vibes. Style is so personal, so have a look to pick your favorite women’s watch or men’s watch. This is also a nice summer watch for ladies.

dameshorloges women watches Pure Rhombic essential fashion summer watch zomer horloge

4. A flowy dress
Ohlala, a nice dress that fits is essential for the summer. It may takes some time to find the perfect dress, but looking for clothing that makes you feel good, is always worth the effort. On colder days, you will need something to keep you warm, so look for a matching cardigan, a denim jacket or even a leather jacket.

zomer essential summer dress

5. A pair of sunglasses
Probably one of the most attracting summer essentials. Even when it is cloudy, daylight can make your eyes feel tired. Be sure to protect your eyes and take your sunglasses with you wherever you go.

summer essential sun glasses zonnebrillen

6. Fruit
Every season has it’s own kinds of fruit. In summer, we can enjoy strawberries, cherries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and, -of course- watermelon. There are a lot of fun ways to use fruits. What do you think about making these fruit popsicles? Matt Robinson shares a great recipe on his blog Realfoodbydad.com. It is important to drink enough water, especially on hot days. Fruit infused water gives it an amazing taste, and it looks pretty as well. On Iheartnaptime.com you will find a lot of inspiration to make your own fruit infused water.

summer essential zomer fruit

7. A hat
Wearing a hat gives a twist to your everyday outfit and it also protects your hair from damaging. There are many different kinds and types available. We are in love with this hat from Vici.

summer essential hat zomer essentials

How are you going to celebrate the summer days? What are some ultimate summer essentials for you?

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