Watches with Swiss Movements

Switzerland is famous for its watch industry. Watches with a Swiss movement make a legendary statement of quality and craftsmanship. View below the complete overview ladies watches with Swiss movement.

Swiss movement

For those looking for the best of The Netherlands and Switzerland comes to Prisma. Swiss timepieces appeal to the imagination. It stands for quality and exclusivity. For our ladies watches with Swiss movement we choose the movement Ronda. A company that was founded in 1946 in the Basel region. Ronda is one of the largest manufacturers of innovative precision timepieces in the world.


High quality watches

If a watch is performed with a Swiss movement, you can expect a certain quality. It is a quality label and indicates that the timepiece meets high quality standards. These standards have been set by the Swiss government. Although Switzerland has not started manufacturing watches, they have the biggest name in it. You buy a piece of history and craftsmanship with a ladies watch with Swiss movement.


Japanese versus Swiss movement

Prisma also has men’s watches and women watches with a Japanese movement. You can wonder how much difference there is between them. In general you can say that the difference is in the way the watches are made. The Japanese approach is about efficiency and functionality. Aesthetic aspects are more in the background. The Swiss have, on the other hand, built for centuries on a good reputation which is reflected in a higher price. Ultimately both countries know how to make kinds of movements that we like to use as a beating heart for our watches.


Extensive range

We used various Swiss timepieces for our watches. A timepiece is decisive for the design of the watch and we are proud of the diversity we can offer. Round watch cases and square watches, we all have them in silver, gold, or rosegold. For the woman who knows what she wants, the ladies watches with Swiss movement are a must have. Make a stylish impression with a ladies watch with Swiss movement on your wrist.