• Prisma P.1486 Tailor Brown Watch

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  • Prisma P.1485 Tailor Black Watch

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Leave elegance to Tailor

It makes all the difference.

Make a statement of being classy and accurate with this stunning timepiece. Prisma Tailor provides that extra bit of style to your appearance. Upgrade your stylish and elegant look to get the best results in life. At a glance, the roman index defines luxury which makes an appealing impression when meeting people. Enjoy this stunning accessory everywhere you go. Made from titanium, this watch is a great fellow in daily life.

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Classic, minimalistic design.

Take inspiration from what was before.


Prisma Tailor is a minimalistic watch collection with classic details like the index and the natural case design. The titanium case makes sure you have a lightweight, durable accessoire. In this way, the timepiece is suitable for both business and casual occassions. The high quality leather watch strap matches with the design of the dial. Do you like a classy combination of brown and black or do you prefer fresh-looking black and white? Furthermore, the milanese watch strap is popular nowadays and the perfect fit as a minimalistic accessory.

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Prisma Tailor creates the ssence of style.

Look for originality.

Classic men watches from Prisma are dedicated to the pure essence of style. Wear clothes and accessories as if they were made specially for you. Look for originality, without losing style and elegance. Consider every item that you wear as a part of your personality. Combine different elements to create your perfect outfit. That is the pure essence of style. Therefore, the Prisma Tailor reinforces your identity and gives the world around you the best impression of your capabilities. Why wait for compliments? Buy it now! Take a look at all men’s watches here.

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