The name’s Luminous,

Prisma Luminous. Now we don’t want to act like James Bond here, but have you seen our newest watch collection? Let’s take a look.

Q: Did you actually combine all striking watch features that a man needs into one model?

A: Oh yes, we did.

Men, we are serious. You need a high quality watch that just looks amazing. We design all of our watch collections with that idea in mind. Now this week, we did a nice wrap-up of all of our best man’s watches. But did you know we didn’t show you everything?

We’ve kept this a secret

But now it’s out: We created a brand new collection!

A watch made of strong and polished steel. A striking dial in three different colors: blue, green and black to capture the eye. A special feature is the rotatable colored ring around the dial. This watch radiates energy, boldness and focus.

Dress to impress them daily

What’s so great about Luminous is that the watch is very clean-cut and polished. For every gentlemen out there who wants to make a tasteful and refined impression every single day. The features are well-spoken but so balanced that this watch can be worn every single day. It goes with a suit to all of your business appointments, but it also is great for a day outdoors.

The size of the watch case of this brand new men’s watch is 42.27 mm. A neat size that every man can wear.

Outdoors & On the go

This watch has an open expression and suits your outgoing, sociable personality. Wear it to all your social outings, gathering with friends for a bonfire and maybe even taking a swim in the nearby lake. That’s right, this watch has a water resistance of 10 ATM.

The Luminous is exactly that: A companion. A dial that lights you up and a quartz movement that works alongside you every step of your journey.

Firm and Sturdy

And of course, we couldn’t resist making this polished and stunning watch not just looking good, but looking bomb. We added some rougher touches. An unbreakable steel band, serrated ring and a sturdy crown.

  • 10 ATM water resistant
  • Extreme scratch resistant sapphire glass
  • Adjustable steel strap
  • Glow in the dark hands and index
  • Get’s you moving
  • Polished and clean feel
  • Super comfortable to wear
  • It’s a tough one. No explanation needed.

Now let’s get you one!