This is the right wrist to wear a watch

Most people wear there watch on their left wrist. ‘That’s where it belongs’, they think. They say a watch has, just like a wedding ring, a place where it should be. But are they right? We explain it to you!

Dominant hand

To come straight to the point: no, a watch doesn’t need to be worn on the left wrist. The right wrist is equally good. The reason why the most people wear their watch on the left wrist is simple: it is their non-dominant hand. It all depend on which one of your hands in dominant. A watch can be inconvenient when you write and it can damage more easily when you wear it on your dominant side. A lot of left-handed people weir their watch on the right.

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Another benefit of wearing you watch on your non-dominant side, is that you can easily turn the crowns. Then you don’t need to take the watch of when you want to set the time or date. Unfortunately for the left-handed people who wear the watch on their write hand, most of the crowns are placed for right-handed people.

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War history

From historical perspective it can also be explained why the most people wore there watch on their non-dominant hand. Before 1900 wristwatches were mostly worn by woman. Men used pocket watches. Especially in the army pocket watches where used frequently by officers. Because the watches where big, they had a leather pouch around there wrist with the watch in it. Because the watch was more likely to get damaged on their dominant hand, all of them wore it on their non-dominant.


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