Titanium Men Watches

Discover on this page the extensive range of titanium men’s watches. Superb models of the highest quality. Also designs with sapphire glass and 10 ATM are in between. Ideal to strengthen both your business and a casual look.

Titanium men’s watches

Titanium appeals to the imagination. It is tough, strong, incredibly durable and light. With an expensive word, this material has a favorable strength-to-mass ratio. This means that the material is stronger than steel, but much lighter. Even the strongest man can be sensitive to certain substances. Therefore, it is nice to wear a watch that does not irritate your skin. Therefore, titanium is also used in the medical world for prostheses for example.


For the adventurers

Are you someone who likes to travel to countries where temperature differences can vary greatly? Then a titanium men’s watch is best suited for your lifestyle. The metal is not only strong, light and very corrosion-resistant, it can also withstand temperature fluctuations. Also handy if you work somewhere where you are dealing with alternating cold rooms and heat. You can be assured that your watch will not let you down.


Titanium men’s watches with sapphire glass

Most Prisma watches of titanium are equipped with the world’s strongest glass, sapphire glass. Are you going for a men’s watch with a leather strap or for a men’s watch with a steel band? Choose a classic men’s watch or a cool men’s watch. Prisma strives to make something for everyone and for every occasion.


An affordable price

Prisma has been making watches since 1948 that do not have to cost the main prize. Men’s watches are therefore available for an amount that you do not have to lie awake. So choose a men’s watch of reliability and quality. Are you going for a men’s watch with leather strap or for a men’s watch with stainless steel strap? Watches are available in all imaginable colors, including classic blue or trendy green watches. What’s your style?