Titanium Watches

Titanium watches have many advantages over ‘normal’ watches. The titanium watch is lighter in weight, corrosion resistant and also an anti-allergenic material. View the complete range below and discover the titanium men’s watches or titanium women watches.

Titanium Watches

Many people go for quantity instead of quality. That is why most accessories are made of stainless steel, while titanium watches are much more durable. As we have indicated in the introduction, this material has essential advantages. Thanks to the high melting point, it is just as strong as steel, but 40% lighter. This allows us to make solid titanium watches with the same weight as a ‘normal’ watch.

An accessory also really gets the emotional value through the years. That is why we have been offering quality for more than 70 years for a fair price. A brand that you can be proud of. Is quality then everything you expect? Of course not. It is an accessory that allows you to show more of your own style. That is why you can choose from a versatile range.


Titanium watch with sapphire glass

Prisma offers the best of two worlds in one model. A titanium watch with sapphire glass is made of the highest quality to last. Both models with a classic and modern design are available. For example, the Performance of Journey with a steel band is available for men’s watches. The tough Traveller is for the sporty types. Tailor of Slimline is a beautiful classic watch with leather strap. For ladies, the Purify collection is made entirely of titanium and sapphire glass. The Slimline and Quadra collections are also beautiful women watches with leather watch straps. A Titanium watch with sapphire glass is a beautiful addition to your outfit.


Titanium watch for a good price

So choose a nice, affordable watch that suits your style. Are you going for sporty or classic? Choose for example a chronograph if you want a tough style. A stylish watch is perfect for a business look, but is also worn a lot of casual. Ultimately, it is simply important that you choose what you like and do not let yourself be led too much by what is normal. Discover all men’s watches or women watches.