Watch for dresses: which go well?

Wearing a dress makes a lady happy! That moment when you finally can wear the dress you bought for a special occasion, or a beauty of a basic that goes with everything. Whatever kind of dress you like to wear, there is a watch for every style.

Accessories for your kind of dress

Of course you want your dress to fit the occasion, be it formal or casual. With the right kind of accessories you make all of your outfits look well put-together. But how do know which kind of accessories you should pick? In order to look stylish, you do not need to go over the top. It is all about details. You can think about shoes or a handbag in complementing colours, or a piece of jewelry or a watch that goes well with your kind of dress.

Watches for every dress style

When you are looking for the perfect watch to suit your dress, the first step is to determine the exact style you want to go for. We will distinguish four different styles of dresses and the watches that go well with them.

Style 1: watches that go well with a classy dress

A classy dress deserves to be complemented with a classy ladies watch. A stylish watch has delicate elements of gold and silver and little gems. The dial looks refined and puts an emphasis on feminine elegance. The watches from the new Prisma Fertile collection and the Constant collection are perfect examples of these types of stylish watches.

Style 2: watches that go well with a beautiful basic

We love basics! Especially basics that match your figure and look good at every occasion. You can style your basic dress with every kind of watch you like, depending on the kind of look you want to go for. For example, you could go for a classic, minimalistic watch to create a balanced outfit. Or what do you think about a nice square watch? These kind of watches make you look professional and put-together. In the case that you rwould rather give your basic style a boost, going for a more outstanding watch is a better option. Whether you want to keep it simple, or make your watch the eyecatcher of your outfit, it will always fit with your basic.

Style 3: Watches for a playful sundress

Are you the type of woman who loves to have a wardrobe that gives you energy? Then you are likely to own at least one sundress. Sundresses are very feminine and give you that perfect combination of playfullness and elegance. You can combine your sundress with elegant and feminine watches like watches from the Prisma Rhombic collection or the Devotion collection. These watches are spontaneous and detailed and will always look good with your sunny style.

Style 4: Watches for a sporty dress

Of course, a dress can look very casual and sporty as well. We have spotted many wide dresses on the street, and we sure do love the trend! A watch that is a bit more robust, like Prisma’s Serenity will match your nonchalant look. Do you prefer a trendy street style? Your watch can be your eyecatcher! Go for a coloured watch like blue watches or choose a watch with a metal strap from the Slimline collection.

Whatever kind of watch you choose, the most important thing is that you are happy with the completed look, and that it matches your own personal style. We love to help you develop a personal style. Find more inspiration in Prisma’s complete collection of ladies watches.

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