Watches for suits – three tips and different examples

Beautiful watch for a suit

A watch is there for everyone, but especially for people wearing a suit a watch has special value. For men with taste and ambition, a nice watch cannot be missed. Probably a watch is the most important men’s accessory. After all it is one of the few jewellery that a man can carry. You can choose a classic men’s watch with a suit, but a striking timepiece can certainly be satisfying as well. It says something about you, without a single word used.

Even without your surroundings taking a serious note of your watch, excludes a beautiful watch that you’ve got your act together. With a suit a watch cannot be absent. Do not hesitate to check below inspiration and tips. Which of these watches for a suit do you like best?

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Choose a striking watch with a suit or a minimalist.

The Traveller Refined is a striking watch that is perfect in combination with a suit. Especially if you wear (creative) shirts with patterns instead of plain white, a watch can be more exuberant. This watch has a sporty look, but can also strengthen your corporate image.

The more striking the watch, the more personal it becomes. It is also nice to visit a jewelry store to see what really suits you. Want a ‘safe’ go, choose a classic watch for a suit. The Prisma Icon is truly a wonderful eye-catcher with a minimalistic look. If you go particularly for a formal look, choose a classic and minimalistic watch.


A combination of both

Another favorite is the Slimline. With this watch it doesn’t matter what colour your tie is. What kind of jacket you wear or what the colour of your shoes and belt are. The emphasis is classic, but the details give the watch more character. Important for a watch with a suit is that it is not too thick, so that the cuff of your shirt stays tidy.

Three tips for a watch with a suit

Discover all designs at men’s watches or women’s watches. Remember to grab the following basic tips for a watch with a suit:

  1. Do you wear a suit on formal occasions? Go for a classic and minimalistic watch.
  2. Wearing more exuberant shirts with patterns or no tie? Feel free to wear a more casual watch.
  3. Look for a thin watch, which can easily fit under the cuff of your shirt.

A watch is something personal and should primarily remain so. Feel free to read more about Dutch watch brand Prisma or where a good quality watch must meet.

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