Best Watches to Wear with a Shirt

The best watches to wear with a dress shirt

With a stylish watch, a man makes a statement. It shows you want to present yourself in a respectable manner. You take things seriously, show them.


We have noticed that some gentleman have trouble choosing the right kind of watch to combine with their dress shirt. Today we will take a look at some different styles to help you find a quality watch to match your style.


Think about your desired appearance

The starting point of your search for the best watch to wear with your shirt is to ask yourself the following question: ‘’What impression do I want to make?’’ In addition, it is important think about what the functionality of a watch means for you. Do you want to wear this watch daily, or on occasion.

Different styles of watches to wear with a dress shirt

There are many different styles of dress shirts. From the classic white dress shirt to an expressive dress shirt with a pattern.  A dress shirt can both very formal as well as informal. For this reason, there are different styles that can match your dress shirt, it just depends on the look you want to go for.


The classic look

When you wear a dress shirt in a formal setting, it is most likely that you want to look stylish and professional. Wherever you are going, the classic look will always speak for itself. You look neat and put-together. Enhance your professional look with a clean and classic watch. A minimalist watch will do, just like watches with a timeless design. Opt for a watch like the Prisma Sun Ray. When you prefer a bit more outstanding design, watches like the Signature and Vigorous are a great option. Discover all classic men watches.

herenhorloge men's watch prisma slimline sun ray blue

Robust watches for shirt

Not only classic and timeless designs go well with a dress shirt. Robust and sturdy will surely match as well. A watch is made to impress, and may therefore look powerful as well. Therefore, a robust watch can only do good to your dress shirt and give it some dimension.  Take a look at various chronographs and multifunction watches. Bestseller Navigator combines stylish and raw elements and is by no doubt one of Prisma’s favourite. Just like the watches from the Prisma Refined collection. A mighty balance.

prisma explorer navigator blue prisma watches horloges

Watches for shirt expression

When you like wearing dress shirts with an outstanding pattern, do not hesitate to pick a watch that is a bit more casual. Many watch styles will suit an expressive dress shirt, so it is all about your own preferences. Watches from the Note collection are eccentric due to their distinctive colours. At the same time, their design is minimalistic and will fit every pattern.


You choose how you want to present yourself. It all comes down to your personal preferences. Take a look at the different occasions you want to wear your watch. There is so much to explore. Take a look at the complete men’s watch collection or discover 3 tips to wear a watch with your suit.

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