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Watches with date

A watch with date function is useful to see in one glance what the date is today. Discover the complete overview of date watches below. There are also models with a day indication. View only the ladies watches with date or Men’s dates.

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Watch with date

At Prisma we love watches with date indication. That you can read the time of your watch is logical and a basic requirement. But how often do you not want to know what day it actually is? Isn’t it great to know the date without having to grab your phone? We therefore have a very wide range of watches with date function. Among others, many classic watches and titanium watches have a date.

Set date watch

Setting the date is not that difficult with most watches. But it can still be a search. The date can be set with the crown on the side. The crown has a double function for a model with date indication. You can set both the time and the date with the help of this one button. Pull out the crown and you will feel a first and a second click. For some watches with date there is a screwed crown. In that case, the crown must first be loosened slightly before you can pull it.

The right time

Do not change the time between 22:00 and 02:00. In that period the watch itself is busy rescheduling the date for a day. Moving the watch manually to another date around midnight may damage the date mechanism. Changing in the future may not be possible anymore.

Time versus date

If the crown is pulled out until the second click, the time can be adjusted. It is then important to push the crown back a little (not fully) so that the date can be set. Then the crown can be fully depressed again. In the case of a screwed crown, it must be properly tightened again. This way you can be sure that no water damage can occur.

Date watches for men and women

With ladies watches and men’s watches we have beautiful collections and plenty of choice. Are you going for bold, sporty or vintage? We have it all!