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Every watch deserves to be clean

Just like every other accessory, your watch needs some maintenance. After wearing your watch for a long period of time, stains and dirt may become visible. Time to clean your watch. The good news is: you can do it all by yourself. Caring for your watch will give it that ‘brandnew’ look and will also keep it more durable.

How to clean your watch?

  1. Detach the watch strap
  2. Cleaning the strap of your watch
  3. Cleaning your watch case
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Important notes before you start:

  • Determine in advance what kind of material your watch is made of. This will affect the cleaning method.
  • Preventing water damage: Only use water on water-resistant watches and ensure that all screws and crowns are tightened so that the water cannot get into the watch case.
  • Preventing damage: Preferably use soft wipes.
  • Cleaning your watch is easy, but at own risk.

Step 1: Detach the watch strap

Oftentimes, the strap of your watch is made of a different material than the case. In this case, it is wise to remove the strap from the case to be able to clean it separately. Watch how you can easily remove the strap from the watch case in this short instruction video.

Step 2: Cleaning the strap of your watch

The material of your watch strap determines how it can be cleaned best.


Cleaning a leather watch strap

Proper maintenance ensures that your leather strap has to be replaced less often.

  • Spray the strap with a colorless leather spray
  • Clean the strap using special leather cloths (Available in most shoe stores) or:
  • Use a soft cloth and mild spray to clean the strap.


Cleaning the silicone watch strap

You can easily clean a silicone strap with a soft cloth or your fingers and one of the following mixtures:

  • Use (lukewarm) water with a few drops of detergent
  • Use (lukewarm) water with some vinegar


Cleaning a metal watch strap

A metal or titanium watchband can also be cleaned with a mixture of lukewarm water and drops of washing-up liquid, or a mixture of water and mild soap.


  • If necessary, use a soft toothbrush to carefully scrub the strap.
  • Dry immediately


Cleaning a nylon watch strap

A watch strap made of fabric can be washed in the washing machine.

  • Put the watch strap in a laundry bag
  • Follow the washing instructions for nylon materials carefully.



Step 3: Clean your watch case

Warning: a watch case can be less water resistant when it has been opened before, for example to change the batteries. Avoid excessive use of water and close all crowns properly.

How to clean your watch case:


  • Wipe the timepiece with some water and soft cloths, or just with your fingers.
  • You can use a watch spray instead of water. The spray will evaporate, and will keep the inside of your timepiece unaffected.
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Optional: Extensive care services for your watch

Some jewelers have maintenance services for your watch. This is especially recommended for more expensive watches. During the maintenance, the jeweler makes sure your watch is oiled and completely cleaned, so that it will return feeling like it’s brand new.