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Overview of men watches

This is a selection of all men’s watches. A watch for men should be exclusive. At Prisma we understand that like no other. That is why we offer a very diverse collection of men’s watches with only 100 to 500 editions per design. We are distinctive and we have been doing this since 1948. Besides the fact that a watch is the signature of a man’s style and partly determines his appearance, it must also be affordable. This is partly why men order an exclusive watch from Prisma.

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Different Men watch collections

A watch is a man’s companion. It’s the accessory that gets you those compliments. At Prisma, we have many different watch styles for men. Polished, tough, adventurous or classic? Pick yours today. Here are 10 different men’s watches for an amazing summer. Pick your favorite!

1. Navigator: Robust and sturdy

Powerful and impressive to make that solid impression. The large watch case (46 mm!) was designed in three colors: blue, black and green. The design of the chronometers accentuates speed and boldness, those characteristics that suit your leadership. Discover the entire collection.

2. Refined: Striking and stylish

One of the most popular man’s collections is the Prisma Refined. Perfectly put-together and always in style. The contrasting dial, with its carefully placed index gives an outstanding impression. Those shiny indicators steal the show. This sturdy man’s watch suits a formal business style, as well as a more casual outfit. You can enjoy refined details and comfort every single day.

3. Leeghwater: Minimalistic and sportive

Leeghwater is there for than man who really wants something unique. Make an impression of classic elegance without any verbalization. The daring color combinations and the matte finish strenghten the powerful image of this watch. Get yours today, we’d say.

4. Dome: Classic and luxurious

Make a lengendary statement with the Dome Chrono. An excellent chronograph watch with classic details. From the outstanding crown to the pattern on the dial; this design is stylish and classy as a whole. The collection consists of 3 different models. Take a look at them here.

5. Traveller: Sportive and daring

The Traveller was designed to enhance your appearance. The design is sportive with classic details. Each of the three models from the Traveller series has a couple of striking characteristics. For example, the use of primary colors to put the hands and pushbuttons in the spotlight. Color combinations that also come back in a matching watch strap.

6. Sun Ray: Stylish and minimalistic

Give your appearance a boost with the Prisma Sun Ray. Make a clean and modern impression with a watch that is comfortable to wear. This high-quality watch suits many different outfits. Do it your way. Always in style.

7. Voyage: Eccentric and Fashionable

Voyage is the brand new accessory for men with great taste. The Prisma triangle is subtly incorporated in the crown. The unique dial with extra timestamps make a special entrance. This model was made in three different colors: blue, gold and silver. Which one do you like the most?

8. Master: Powerful and Sportive

Prisma Master was designed with the ambitious man in mind. This chronograph is an iconic must-have with stunning colors. A polished extension of an eternal classic. Strengthen your appearance wherever you go. Going to a business meeting? On a plane to Australia? Always make a great impression with this gorgeous man’s watch.

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9. Tailor: Fine and Elegant

Make a stylish impression and an accurate statement with this stunning titanium watch. Prisma Tailor adds that little extra to your daily look. Upgrade your style to get a step ahead every day! A defining Roman index, making an luxurious impression on anyone you might encounter. Enjoy this stylish watch wherever you go.

10. Aviator: Adventurous and Striking

This Aviator watch is a true enrichment to your style. Master the art of calm. Always go after what is good and keep focusing on whatever is in front of you. With a case size of 44 mm you will absolutely make an appealing impression. All three of our Aviators have a black case. Fresh. Daunting. Make this your go-to quality watch and strengthen your identity.