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Gold men watches

For a gold men’s watch you have come to the right place at Prisma! Real gold men’s watches are no longer sold, but the range of gold colored watches for men can be seen below. Both with a classic or sporty design. This is a selection of all men’s watches and all gold watches.

  • Prisma Men P.2052 Decade Chronograph

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  • Prisma Men P.2055 Decade Chronograph

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  • Prisma P.2059 Decade Gold Men Watch Blue Leather

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  • Prisma P.2062 Decade Gold Men Watch

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  • Prisma watch P.1178 Men Flex 5 ATM double

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  • Prisma watch P.1489 Men Titanium brown leather

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  • Prisma P.2019 Alfa Gold Watch

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  • Prisma P.1005 Signature Gold Titanium Watch

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  • Prisma P.1602 Voyage Gold Watch

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  • Prisma P1594 heren horloge chronograaf goud watches chronograph
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  • Prisma P.1648 Sun Ray Slimline Watch Gold

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  • Prisma P.1917 Dome Classic Gold

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  • Prisma Traveller Vigorous Gold

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  • Prisma P.1744 Men Watch Sapphire Date

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  • Prisma P.1745 Men Watch Sapphire Glass

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  • Prisma Watch P.2091 IPG double Stainless steel Champagne

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  • Prisma Watch P.2091.61E IPG Stainless Steel Champagne Stretch Band

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The golden rules for choosing the ideal men’s watch

A gold-colored men’s watch is something very personal. In addition to reading the time, this accessory says something about you as a wearer.

The color gold is not only a color with a lot of symbolism behind it, but also has many practical applications. Gold is the most malleable metal and can be stretched into very thin sheets. This property has been used to make gold leaf, which is often used as decoration for religious objects such as altars or statues.

Gold is the most commonly used metal in jewelry. It has been used for centuries to symbolize wealth and power. Therefore, there are many different options to choose from. Whether you choose a watch with a suit, with a shirt or with the holiday outfit. We would like to give you additional tips for choosing a suitable accessory.

The material and coating of a gold men’s watch

A gold-colored men’s watch is not made of real gold. Such a real gold watch from Prisma is still in circulation. They were also made for an anniversary. For example, if someone had been employed for 25 years. Today this is less relevant and we have stopped making these models.

That is why we now only offer gold-colored men’s watches. The most important thing is that the right materials are used, so that you can enjoy your investment for a long time. For Prisma we therefore use 316L stainless steel with a PVD coating. A gold-colored men’s watch without a coating can discolour within a year and that is a shame, because you do not want a silver watch.

goud horloge heren mannen gold men watch

Leather strap or steel strap

A gold men’s watch can be made with a steel strap or with a leather strap. In addition to choosing the color, that is the most obvious step to make the right choice. With this you can directly filter a large part of the range. In addition to the watch strap, you can also take other colors with you, such as a combination with black or white.

prisma horloges watches pattern class gold goud

The right size is important for wearing comfort

Choose the perfect watch size for your wrist. In this blog post we have set out a clear size chart, so that you know exactly what is suitable. This is essential if you want the gold men’s watch to become your favorite everyday accessory. A design that fits nicely, increases wearing comfort and makes you look better.