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Sapphire Glass Men Watches

Prisma is known for its men’s watches with sapphire glass, because they meet the highest quality standards. View below all designs that have been executed with this scratch-resistant glass. Both sportive and classic watches. You can also take a look at all men’s watches.

Sapphire glass men’s watches

Robust, powerful, strong … your men’s watch has to meet high standards. With a men’s watch from sapphire glass you know that you have a strong accessory around your wrist. Prisma is unique among watch brands by making sapphire glass men’s watches accessible to a wide audience.


Durable and Quality

Put designs with different types of glass next to each other and you may not immediately see the difference. But ask a number of people to wear the watches for several weeks and then compare them again. The difference will then be clearly visible. Sapphire glass is incredibly durable and scratch resistant. That’s why you know that with a sapphire glass men’s watch you really have a bit of reliability.


Reliable material

Reliability is a great thing. And that also applies to your watch. You want to make sure that your watch always looks great and finishes your outfit. A watch full of scratches landed in a dark box to never get out again. With a sapphire glass men’s watch you know that you have an accessory for every occasion that you can be proud of.


For the hard workers

you don’t work in the office but in the construction industry? Or are you working in another industry where damage to your clock is possible? Then you need a watch that is super strong on other fronts besides sapphire glass. Take a look at our range of work watches. Here you will find a large selection of designs of top material. Choose one with a good water resistance, or a men’s watch with steel strap. Of course these models are made of stainless steel or titanium. In short, with a sapphire glass men’s watch you are assured of an ultimate strong watch. It remains beautiful under all kinds of circumstances. A watch for the man of today, who likes to travel, does things, extinguishes fires and challenges do not go the way.