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What do you think is the best office watch?

Life is about enjoying yourself. Whether you enjoy nature, friends, money or food, everybody needs to get enjoyment out of something. Unfortunately, our lives aren´t only about enjoyment. We all need to work. Sometimes it’s fun, sometimes it isn’t. However, a nice office watch enhances your appearance. Get the most out of time! Discover here five perfect watches for the office or check out all men’s watches or women watches.

1. The easy going office watch

A watch you wear to work should be good looking and functional. The date window keeps this watch functional, while the dial makes sure your watch looks good. The dial in this collection has a so called sun ray pattern, which refers to the finish of the dial. This means that your watch shines beautifully in the light. Radiate confidence and reliability in the office. Despite the watch looks classy, it is equipped with sapphire glass. This is the perfect accessory for the easy going man.

  • Prisma P.1645 Sun Ray Slimline Watch Blue

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  • Prisma P.1646 Sun Ray Slimline Watch Black

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  • Prisma P.1647 Sun Ray Slimline Watch Silver

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  • Prisma P.1648 Sun Ray Slimline Watch Gold

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prisma slimline sun ray silver watch zilver horloge herenhorloge

2. The practitioner

We all know that person who does anything to make his dreams reality. Ambitious, but modest. This office watch is the perfect compromise between a complicated and classic watch. With different varieties of dials and straps, you can pick the watch that fits you best. This is an excellent choice if you are looking for a quality watch for everyday use. The vertical line pattern on the dial keeps the design interesting, while the time is easily readable. Well-made to excel in your job!


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prisma steel pattern heren zwart kantoor horloge office watch

3. The achiever

This multifunction watch is perfect for when you need more information than just the date. It has a sophisticated look with the small sub-dials and the vertical line pattern on the dial. Furthermore, every model is extremely legible, because of the contrasting hands and hour markers. This watch is for the days when a simplistic watch simply isn’t enough. Be ready to achieve anything in the office.

  • Prisma P.1579 Refined Black Watch

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  • Prisma P.1581 Refined Beige Watch

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  • Prisma P.1589 Refined Blue Watch

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Prisma Horloges watches Traveller Refined Black watch herenhorloge men watch

4. The visionair

There is always one person who has a vision. The guy who is well-informed, intelligent and knows exactly where to go. These chronographs are perfect to make this statement. With vintage details, this watch has the reliability of today. Furthermore, it is practical, despite many details dedicated to the styling. This makes it the perfect watch for important meetings and casual Friday.

prisma dome 1920 chronograaf blauw horloge P.1920 kantoor heren P1920

5. The motivator

Do you like your colleagues more than your work? Big change, you are a motivator. In that case, we believe this is a nice office watch for you. This collection shares some details with the Sun Ray collection, especially the dial. The big 12 and 6 give the watch its own character. The stainless steel strap gives this watch a tough look, while also giving you a secure feeling around your wrist. This bracelet can easily be replaced if you’d like another bracelet or perhaps a leather strap.

  • Prisma P.1470 Slimline Steel Mr. Silver

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  • Prisma P.1471 Slimline Steel Mr. Blue

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  • Prisma P.1472 Slimline Steel Mr. Bicolor

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