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Watch with a wedding suit and on the day

Trouwen is een mooi moment, waarbij je goed voor de dag wilt komen. Een schitterend sieraad mag daarbij niet ontbreken. De vrouw kiest bij deze gelegenheid al snel voor oorbellen, een collier en of een armband. Als man zal een ketting niet zichtbaar zijn, dus blijft er een armband en of een horloge over. Ringen zijn bij de bruiloft niet wenselijk, want de nadruk ligt natuurlijk op de trouwring en eventueel verlovingsring.

In dit artikel kijken we wat de etiquette zeggen over het dragen van een sieraad of horloge op de trouwdag en geven we tips voor het accessoire dat bij je past.

Etiquette: Don’t wear a watch on your wedding day!

It’s weird, but true. The etiquette states that the bride and groom are not allowed to wear a watch on the wedding day. This is partly due to the dress code. Black Tie is the formal dress code prescribed at weddings. Hereby it is not desirable to have a watch on, because you are not allowed to think about the time during these moments.

An old-fashioned thought for the wedding

Nowadays, weddings are also increasingly held with an informal dress code. So the question is increasingly whether wearing a watch to the wedding is really so inappropriate.

Plus, there’s another reason why the bride and groom MAY ALWAYS wear a watch according to etiquette. It is stated that you should not get the host and hostess the idea that you are watching the time, but who are the host or hostess? Is that the bridal couple? “Who pays for it”, shall we say.

The dress code and accompanying etiquette have their origins in the year 1896. An era when there was no smartphone and the watch was really used for timekeeping. Nowadays, the watch has increasingly acquired the function of jewelry.

watch wedding suit horloge trouwpak

Watch is a memento of the wedding day

As a watch fan you like to wear a watch on the wedding day, because it is a beautiful keepsake. It may even be a crazy sight for acquaintances to see you without a watch.

If you would like to wear a watch at the wedding, many people will recommend a minimalist dress watch, because it falls within a chic style and fits with a suit.

As you can see in the photos, I chose a vintage design myself and had the wedding photographer take extra photos of it. A model with even more emotional value attached to it.

Moreover, it is important that you enjoy this day. If you do this more with a beautiful piece of jewelry, then no one needs to comment on that.

If you like to stick to the traditional rules, you can also choose a pocket watch or another piece of jewelry instead of a wristwatch. Maybe a bracelet or necklace.

watch wedding day etiquette horloge bruiloft dragen etiquette
horloge bruidegom watch groom

Tips for jewelry and/or watch on the wedding day

We have listed various style tips for wearing a watch. The main points are that the accessory matches the clothes. So let the same colors and materials be used in the outfit.

Do you find it difficult to find the right watch? Then it is wise to go for a stylish design that fits nicely under a shirt. As a result, it does not immediately catch the eye, but compliments the complete look.


Have a very special, happy day!