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Style Tips and Etiquette for Wearing Watches

A watch is a beautiful piece of jewelry. Now there are a few things that it is good to pay attention to when wearing a watch.
A beautiful watch does not always want to match well with your outfit. That’s why you can use these 5 style tips to be guaranteed in style.

1. You wear a watch on your left wrist.

This is actually a controversial rule, because officially a watch must be worn on the non-dominant hand. So if you are left-handed, you should wear the watch on the right wrist. In practice, people will be surprised if you wear the watch on the right wrist. That is why we always recommend wearing the watch on the left. Certainly in a formal atmosphere you do not want to appear as if you have not understood the etiquette. Not that everyone will immediately address you, but in your mind you may already be put in a certain box. Some people wear their watch on the right on purpose because it fits better or to make a statement that they are different and unique.

2. Make the watch match the look of your clothing style

Unless you have a watch worth several thousand euros, it is best to wear a watch that also matches your clothes. Wearing different watches is a nice diversification, with which you make a stronger impression on an occasion. The table below will give you a better idea of which watch suits which occasion.

watch for occasion table

Gala, Black / White Tie – We recommend a sleek design watch for these kinds of occasions. One that is less sporty and striking. At a gala, the clothing style is controlled and it is mainly in the details. Wearing this watch gives a much more chic look. So unless you’re wearing red shoes, we don’t recommend wearing a watch with a red strap, for example.

Business Formal – A classic watch mainly comes into its own in the formal spheres. This is really a clothing style where a watch cannot be missed. A timeless watch shows from the first impression that you have things in order. Something that is very important in formal business.

Business Casual – With business casual, things can be a little more relaxed. Especially in combination with neat jeans, a more striking watch comes out beautifully. A sports watch is of course also fine, but can quickly make a too powerful impression.

Casual – Great leisure time! A watch has the power to give any casual outfit that extra bit of flair. With this clothing style, every watch can come into its own and the tips below are especially important to take with you.

Sporty – A sporty watch fits with sports or sportswear. For example, a beautiful diver’s watch with a plastic strap. Actually, any watch that looks especially sporty and especially not too classic is suitable.

3. Make the same color come back in your outfit

When wearing a watch, it is also important that you look for good color combinations. For example, does the watch have a blue dial? How nice is it that you also have blue shoes or blue jeans on? A black leather watch strap also goes well with other black items of clothing, such as a black ring or black belt.

In addition to color, you can also look at the contrast. Suppose you are dressed casually with a plain sweater in calm and light colours. How wonderful is it to wear a black watch. The contrast between light and dark immediately creates a fashionable and neat look.

Good-Looking watches, herenhorloges herenhorloge horloge voor mannen

4. Make materials come back in your outfit

It sounds obvious to some, but a leather watch strap very well reinforces other leather accessories, such as bracelets, bags or a belt. The same principle applies if you wear a steel watch. This goes well with, for example, a metal ring or bracelet.

Prisma watches , horloges, fashion

5. Some watches break all the rules

There are watches that are an exception to the rules. If you wear a watch that is, for example, an heirloom with a lot of emotional value. These vintage products are also often a nice topic of conversation. Especially if there is personal value attached to it, your conversation partner will appreciate that you wear it as an accessory. Wearing a watch is also part of your identity that you should show. That is why we are such a fan of watches. Of course it is never wrong to also match these watches to other colors and materials.

Read more tips here about which watch suits you or what a good watch must meet. Do you have more ideas for Watches & Style? Let us know! It’s always fun to talk about watches.