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Wearing comfort starts with how tight the watch is on the wrist

We are sometimes asked how tight the watch should be on the wrist. This is a subject that depends on different watch parts, but it is extremely important for the watch wearing comfort. If it is not comfortable, there is a good chance that the accessory will remain on the bedside table. That is of course a pity. That is why this article explains more about the closure and wearing comfort of watches.

Personal preference of watch wearing comfort

Before we give practical tips, we can state that it differs per person whether you want to wear the watch tight or loose on the wrist. For example, there are examples of people who have it so loose that the watch case can be turned towards the inside of the wrist. With others it is so stuck that the imprint is in the skin when the watch is taken off.

Watch wearing comfort is therefore something personal, but in principle we advise to make sure that the watch is not so tight that it leaves prints on the wrist, nor is it so loose that it can move back and forth on the arm.

Pros and cons of wearing the watch too loose

An advantage of wearing the watch loose is that it can feel ‘lighter’. Personally, I (writer of this article) am a fan of this. You also don’t want the skin to be folded around the watch case.

However, you have to take into account two disadvantages:

  1. If the watch can move back and forth, the crown (button) of the watch will imperceptibly bump into your wrist more often in one place. This can create a small callus that can irritate in the long run.
  2. Because there is more space between the wrist and the accessory, it can easily get stuck behind something. This can damage the watch or worse; wrist injury. That is why watches are worn less often in construction.


Pros and cons of wearing the watch too tight

So, on the other hand, the watch can be worn tight. This is nicer for people who like to have a fixed feeling and prefer not to have it moving ‘back and forth’. It is of course very annoying if the accessory suddenly swings off your arm.

A disadvantage to be aware of; by wearing a watch tight, there is more pressure on the pushpin (that is the pin that connects the watch strap to the watch case). This will allow it to bend faster in the long run and the watch will require earlier maintenance.

Leather Strap versus Steel Strap

When you buy a new leather watch strap, it is often still stiff. This affects the watch wearing comfort. That is why it is better to wear the watch tighter in the first weeks, so that the leather quicker forms to the wrist. A faster solution for this is to make the leather supple with (sunflower) oil. Please note that this may affect the color of the watch band.

A watch with a steel strap is generally worn a little tighter. That’s because the hairs on your wrist can get caught between the links. This gives an annoying feeling when the watch moves back and forth (as if someone grabs a hair and pulls it out). Other DIY solutions that we see;  apply adhesive tape to the inside of the watch band or shave a piece of skin hair. However if this bothers you, we recommend choosing a watch with a leather or silicone strap.

Watch wearing comfort how tight should a watch be

Wrist and watch case size

You can still wear a watch tightly around the wrist, but if the watch case is too large, the watch wearing comfort will not remain optimal. So make sure that the case is no bigger than the wrist. Otherwise you will get space between the connection of the watch band, watch case and wrist.

In addition, the watch looks nicer and in proportion if a piece of the watch strap is also visible on top of your wrist. So make sure you choose the right watch size for the wrist. In this article we give a recommendation as a starting point.

watch wearing comfort how tight should a watch be

Displaying a piece of the watch strap on the wrist gives the desired proportion and looks better.

How tight is the watch in summer and winter?

During a hot summer, your arm can be thicker due to the heat, making the watch tight around the wrist. With a leather watch strap, you can easily loosen it by a hole. Adjusting a Milanese or steel watch strap takes a little more work.

So keep in mind that the watch may be a little looser if you buy and measure it in the winter. Then you also enjoy optimal wearing comfort during the summer months.

Watch weight

The weight also influences the wearing comfort. A stainless steel watch with solid steel links and mechanical movement (such as the Talisman) is a lot heavier than a quartz watch with a leather strap. On average, a watch weighs about 120 grams. Do you want a big timepiece with a lot of steel, but as light as possible? Then choose a titanium watch. This material is stronger and lighter than stainless steel for optimal wearing comfort. Smartwatches are also generally less heavy than ‘normal’.

Make the watch match the style

A watch remains a beautiful accessory that enhances your appearance. That is why it is also important that it matches the complete outfit. For example, a thin, slimline watch generally goes better with a shirt than a thicker case that doesn’t fit under the sleeve. In the article ‘Style tips for the watch’ we take a closer look at this topic. This can also improve wearing comfort.


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