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Which watch to buy depends on these 6 preferences

Due to the large variety of different watches the question comes up occasionally; which watch should I buy? Sometimes you doubt what you want, but you do know what you don’t want. With this article we would like to provide more clarity about which watch suits you. On the basis of the following questions, you can make a simple list of preferences. If all is well, this will make it easier for you to choice your perfect watch. Of course, a watch is something personal.

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1. Where do you want to use the watch for?

A watch is must more than ‘reading the time’ nowadays. A watch is a kind of jewellery for many people. To make a good pre-selection, you can ask yourself; Where I’m going to use the watch for? Is it for certain occasions or do I want to use it in daily life under extreme conditions? Read here the three tips for watches with suits. Are you mainly looking for a quality watch which you can wear during heavy work? Then look at the features of the watch. Is it at least 10 ATM waterproof? Does it has scratch resistant sapphire glass? Is it at least made from all stainless steel or titanium instead of ‘normal’ steel? Read more about the characteristics of a quality watch.

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2. Look at the size of the watch case and the kind of face

Especially when you are online orientating, it is important to look carefully at the size of the watch case. A size above 42 mm is sometimes even for men too big. Also a very thick watch is not always desirable. Which watch you should buy, depends on the case size you prefer. Furthermore, making a choice between a round, oval and square face shape can bring you closer to your perfect watch.

3. Which watch would suit my style?

This corresponds to the first question, but focuses in on your intention. What kind of appearance would you like to have with your watch? Would you like to wear the watch under a shirt of suit? Then, for example, a minimalist slimline model is a good choice. Classic and easy to wear under a shirt. Can it all be a bit more casual? Or do you prefer a fashionable watch? Then look carefully to the color and model. Please note that the more extreme the watch, the less it will suit different occasions or outfits.

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4. What type of strap do you prefer?

A question that is often easy to answer to determine which watch suits you; What kind of watch band would you wear? 50% of the watches is already off if you select a leather strap watch instead of a steel band watch. Remember that a watch is often a bit heavier with a steel band, but a leather strap will wear faster and is less waterproof. Furthermore there is also a selection of silicon bands and a variety of canvas straps available.

5. Which colour goes well with your skin tone?

Which watch you should buy, depends also on the colour of the material. This question is often underestimated. Of course, you know if you like silver, gold, black or rosegold, but does it also goes well with your skin tone? It is nice to experiment at your local jeweller. A model can be very beautiful in gold, but sometimes seems rather dull on your wrist.

6. Trust your own choice

It’s always nice to get compliments on your watch, but remember that it is you, who can ultimately enjoy the most of your watch. So choose for yourself which watch you should buy.

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