Water Adventures

A key is turned over. A button is pushed. Vrooom..a powerful sound breaks the silence this early morning. The engine of a stunning yacht starts. We are on a small lake just outside of town. Today, we are invited on a wild ride with the “Dutch Touch”. A beautiful boat with a price tag of € 350,000. Crazy! Fresh blue and white colours with authentic wooden details catches the eye. Overwhelmed by beauty and power, we take place on the leather couch. Let’s go.

riva boat yacht water adventure janfillem

The compass points straight ahead. Let’s hold that ocean blue wheel for a second and sail our own course. The boat reacts determined and controlled to every movement. A moment of inner happiness is playing up. This boy’s dream becomes reality. It’s funny how a product, that is perfect in every detail, can strengthens the emotion so much.

riva boat yacht prisma aviator water adventure

Full power! The water is split into two symmetrical waves. The bow that dreams are made of, points to the sky. After this experience, we will probably be smiling for the rest of the day. An adventure or discovery not only enriches your life, but also gives your creativity and enthusiasm an enormous boost. Therefore, keep exploring new things and never settle for the standard. Our water adventure is finished for now, let’s get back to watchmaking!

riva boat yacht water adventure janfillem

If you like stunning boats, go check out Riva Yacht. With JanFillem we are on a water adventure during these hot summer days. What a beautiful design and power! It matches perfectly with the Prisma Aviator watch we wear this afternoon.

riva boat yacht water adventure