Which Accessoires Should I Wear With My Outfit?

Accessories complete your outfit, and they can change the style of every single piece of clothing. It’s the reason a parisienne’s wardrobe mainly exists of qualitative basics. With accessories, you can create a new combination every day. A few tips to pick the right one’s:

It’s all about balance

The most important hallmark of a stylish appearance, is an outfit that looks harmonized. You can create balance with your accessories, by matching colours and materials. For instance, you could wear a belt or bag in the same colour as your shoes. Or wear accessories in a colour that presents itself in your clothing.


Less is more

When you are wearing a striking accessory, like a nice statement necklace, make sure your other accessories are more subtle. Choose one accessory to be the eyecatcher, and keep the other ones simple. Wearing a lot of big accessories create a turbulent look. Also, don’t wear all your jewelry at the same time, it will cause destraction from your outfit. Accessories are supposed to enlighten your clothes.

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Gold or silver accessories?

 Some colours make you shine more than others. When you are choosing between gold and silver jewelry, it is important to know what type of skin colour you have. There are two types, you will either have a cool undertone, which looks great with silver, or you will have a warm undertone, which looks better with gold. A cool undertone is soft pink or bluish, a warm undertone is more yellow/peachcoloured. However, it is possible that your skintone is very neutral, in this case gold and silver will both good on you or you can go for bicolor.   Enjoy some colour There might be some colours you never wear, because they make you look pale. No worries, just wear them as an accessory. For example, if you can’t wear nude colours, just wear some pretty nude shoes. When you find bright colours a litte overwhelming to wear in your clothing, pick some fun accessories. A black dress with a clutch in hotpink or a bright yellow, is just as impressive. To compile an outfit that looks balanced and put-together, the guideline is to not us more than 3 different colours. If you are wearing a lot of neutral colours, of course you can pick more.

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Define your style

Accessories can give one piece of clothing many different styles. You can make a basic piece as special or as normal as you want. The following items can give you some inspiration: A chic look: A thin silky scarf, a clutch, high heels, an elegant ladies watch, diamond earings, a nice sublte ring, thin bracelets, big sunglasses. Classic feminine look: Pearls, a nice handbag, suede shoes, medium sized heels, a leather belt, bangles, bracelets with charms, a classic or romantic watch A minimalistic look: Subtle rings, a thin bracelet, white sneakers, flats, ankle boots, a minimalistic watch, a leather jacket, a small shoulder bag, a clutch A sporty look: A backpack, braided bracelets, high socks, sneakers, a casual women’s watch, accessories with patterns, a baseball cap, a beanie, a denim jacket A romantic look: Sandals, flats, nude pumps, decorative earrings, a brown/white shoulder bag, gold/silver necklace, a hat, a romantic ladies watch, bows, a small belt.   Also check: ‘’How to develop your own personal clothing style?’’   What’s most important, is that you are happy with your outfit, if something fits you well, and it makes you feel comfortable, just wear it! Accessories are made to express your personality. You don’t have to fit in a particular category. Maybe you like a sporty look and high heels, or pearls and sneakers. Every woman styles her accessories differently, and we want to embrace that. Do your own thing, and keep shining!!!!