Woeiman On Tour

Enjoy the world around you. Even the countryside has so much to offer. Therefore, Woeiman decided to took his Traveller watch and went his way to the horizon. No common ground, no security, but more fantastic than any dream lived.

woeiman traveller watch men grey p 1591 prisma horloge

Woeiman Moments

The hour the suns comes up and goes down is called the golden hour by photographers. For guys like Woeiman, this is like the happy hour on a Friday afternoon. You can get that magical yellow glow in your photo’s. Therefore, he went to the Dutch countryside to take some kickass shots of the Prisma Traveller watch.

woeiman traveller watch grijs herenhorloge p.1591 prisma horloge

Pure happiness

Of course, Woeiman takes his bike to the meadows. That’s pure happiness for every Dutch person in general. Bicycles can use separate roads in The Netherlands that lead to unique destinations. Perfect for this warm Thursday evening if you ask us.

p1591 prisma horloge woeiman traveller watch men grey sportief herenhorloge

Traveller Watch

A watch is personal and identifies your style. That is why, this Traveller watch is designed to boost your sportive looks. You do not often see this shade of gray, especially with the orange details. We like to believe orange is the color of the Netherlands. But in general orange stands for success. Grey, on the other hand, fits different color palettes and upgrades your professional look.

walking the netherlands dutch nederland countryside woeiman on tour

For more adventures check Woeiman’s Instagram profile or go check out the Prisma P.1591 he is wearing. You can also have a look at all multifunctions or men’s watches. Have a great day!