Discover 12 women watches with diamonds

Back in 1949 everybody already agreed that ´diamonds are a girl´s best friend.´ When these diamonds are tastefully incorporated into your ladies watch, they can add tremendously to your look. But it doesn´t matter how the diamonds are incorporated, diamonds are always a statement. They radiate confidence and certainty. Diamonds give the women watch a different and bigger character. And as it goes for most things, it also goes for diamonds, less is more.

We’d love to show you all our women watches with diamonds incorporated. In this article, watches are ranked by the number of diamonds on the watch. So if you scroll down further, you’ll see ladies watches with more diamonds. Become inspired by these stunning collections and photos.

  • Prisma Imperial Round Silver

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P.1560 – Prisma Imperial Round Silver
This isn’t an ordinary watch, although the name of the bracelet might suggest differently. The bracelet of the watch looks like a slave bracelet, however with more elegance. The small women watch is easily readable with the golden hands. Furthermore, the small diamond at twelve o’clock pulls the royal theme of the watch towards the dial.

  • Prisma Imperial Rectangle Gold

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P.1761 – Prisma Imperial Rectangle Gold
Elegance is the first word that comes to mind. This is part two of our royal collection, which also has a small diamond at the twelve o’clock position. But that is where the similarities end. This watch has a rectangle shape, instead of round. Furthermore, it has a rich Mother Of Pearl dial and a very comfortable bracelet. The links of the bracelet differ from each other, creating an intriguing and interesting women watch.

prisma imperial round gold
  • Prisma Mayflower Black

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P.1451 – Prisma Royal Constant Black
Have you got a classic style, but a little less pompous than the other two? Then this watch with diamonds might be something for you. The hands and the bracelet still breathe a classical atmosphere, which is enhanced by the Roman numerals on the dial. Furthermore, the dial is decorated with a circular pattern in the middle. Last but not least, this women watch has eight diamonds, which functions as hour markers.

  • Prisma Precise Pearl Rosegold

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P.1963 – Prisma Precise Pearl Rosegold
If you liked the Mother Of Pearl dial from the Imperial collection, you’ll love this! In this collection we have got four different Mother Of Pearl dials, but we’ll let you decide which one is the prettiest. The Mother of Pearl creates an unknown depth within the watch. The bigger case offers more space for the dial to shine, and while she does, the ten diamonds happily shine along. An absolute classic women watch with diamonds.

  • Prisma Icon Petit Silver

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P.1457 – Prisma Icon Petit Silver
In this collection you have the choice of two different types of hour markers. Little sticks in the finish of the case, or diamonds. Naturally we chose the diamonds for a women watch. The Milanese bracelet in combination with the Roman numerals establishes a chic appearance. In some cases ten diamonds would be too much, but with this design it is the perfect amount to be able to wear this watch every single day.


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P.1674 – Prisma Simplicity Titanium Black
This watch combines femininity and ultimate usability into one small and thin package. The watch is extremely useable because of the use of titanium for the case and bracelet. At the same time the watch is feminine with the Mother Of Pearl dial, the ten diamonds and the elegant shape op the bracelet. The combination of the feminine dial and the titanium bracelet give the watch a unique look. A women watch with diamonds to shine with.

P.1680 – Prisma Purify Oval Diamond Black
With the oval shape of the case and the skeletonized bracelet, this watch provides an entirely different look than the previous one. With this bracelet design the watch seems to float on your wrist, but helds it secure in place. The number of diamonds is equal, but they are now concentrated on four spots instead of ten. The small pattern in the middle of the dial makes it more interesting.

  • Prisma Pure Rhombic Crème

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P.1937 – Prisma Pure Rhombic Crème
During work, weekends, dinners or when you go out, it is always the right place and time to wear this watch. The Mother Of Pearl dial gives the dial a stunning atmosphere. The twelve diamonds make the watch shine. With different bracelets and straps you can transform the look of your watch in an instant. In this way your watch always seamlessly compliments your outfit.

  • Prisma Simplicity Strass Rosegold

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P.1978 – Prisma Simplicity Strass Rosegold
If you don’t conform yourself to the norm, but set your own standards, this collection might be the best choice for you. The different attachement of the bracelet to the case fit your “just-a-bit-different-style”. The lines on the dial create a certain depth. A suitable women watch with diamonds for casual wear and formal events. What about a nice evening in your favorite cocktail bar?

prisma simplicity strass watch horloge

Even though ‘less is more’ is applicable to diamonds, sometimes you just need that extra bit of glamour. That is why, besides the women watches with diamonds you just saw, we also have got watches with over 50 diamonds. Specially designed for when you watch needs to shine as bright as you do.


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P.1569 – Prisma Devotion Stone Dark Silver
A women watch full of diamonds. Who doesn’t like that? 54 diamonds to be precise. They run flaweless over in the rest of the design. The index and the Milanese watch strap give the watch a classy look. Nevertheless, you can still wear this watch every single day, so you always have your daily dose of glitter.


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P.1531 – Prisma Purify Oval Silver
Everywhere you look, you see diamonds on this ladies watch. They are on the dial, on the bezel and even on the bracelet. When you’re wearing this watch, you’re carrying 56 little diamonds along, so you can brighten up any room you walk into. The skeletonized bracelet, the oval shape of the case, and the classy 6 and 12 give the watch a clean look, for a fancy dinner for example.

  • Prisma Precise Zirconia Gold

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P.1958 – Prisma Precise Zirconia Gold
Last but not least, a titanium women watch with diamonds. The Precise Zirconia takes the cake when it comes to the number of diamonds on a watch. The 58 diamonds decorate the sides of the watch. The dial is decorated by a pattern of arches going from the inside out. To make sure the watch didn’t become too heavy, we crafted it out of lightweight titanium. Because of this, you can always wear your diamonds watch and steal the show anywhere you go.

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