Work Watches

The work watches are characterized by the use of the highest quality for a good price. Each work watch has sapphire glass and is 10 ATM watertight. Furthermore, the watch case has a crown protector and some models have a shockproof movement. View the complete selection of work watches below.

Work watches

With a work watch you can, as the name implies, do fine work during heavy labor. With the certainty of sapphire glass, the glass is guaranteed to remain scratch-free. This keeps the time always perceptible. The best durable watch is the Pattern Solid with shockproof movement, flexible band, 10 ATM water resistance, sapphire glass and crown protector.


Reliable work watch under all conditions

Even if you come into contact with water a lot, you don’t have to worry. All these models are 10 ATM. This means that the watch is protected against water up to a depth of 100 meters. Prisma is traditionally known for its good quality and reasonable price. Over the years, the designs have gone with the times. It remains a bold watch with classic details and refined finish. Choose a super tight model with steel strap or with high quality leather strap.


A watch that can take a beating

The fitted crown protector provides extra reinforcement. A watch with the crown protruding makes the movement a whole lot more vulnerable. The crown can finally break off, so that the accessory can not display the time anymore. A crown that protrudes can also cause unpleasant or dangerous situations. Furthermore, some models also have a shock-resistant movement.

In addition, how great is it if you do not have to change your watch after work? These designs also complement a suit or casual outfit. With a work watch you always make a good impression. So be sure to keep it on during a dinner or during a business meeting. You do not have to leave it for the money. So pick your favorite and go to work!