Signature Sedate: Your Way Of Leadership

This watch is part of your identity and serves your goal.

Collection Inspiration

A signature is proof of identity and intent. It’s personal and characterizes a style. Like your signature, a watch is part of your identity and serves your goal. This watch is designed to be the signature of your lifestyle. The moment you look at your watch creates sense of ability, autonomy and effectiveness. That moment you know; it’s your time to shine.

Signature Sedate

Sedate stands for being calm and peaceful. But not quiet. A sedate person knows exactly what he wants and how he can get it, without being aggressive or truculent. This beautiful classic men’s watch represents your way of leadership.

  • Prisma Signature Sedate RoseGold

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Fantastic in so many ways

This Signature watch is fantastic because of many reasons. Sapphire glass protects the dial underneath it, making it extremely durable and highly resistant to scratches. The case itself is ultra thin, making it an ideal dress watch. The material used for the case and the watch buckle is stainless steel to guarantee durability even more. Overall the watch has a classic feel, enhanced by the arabic numbers and the crocodile print watch strap. Make this watch the signature of your lifestyle and show what you stand for.

Which watch defines your identity?

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