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The first Prisma watch was produced in 1948 from the desire to deliver quality, good looking watches with fair prices. Since the creation of the brand almost 70 years ago, these are the fundamental core values. Our passion is deeply rooted in Dutch culture. Simple, honest and trustworthy. Over the years Prisma has become a well-known watch brand in The Netherlands. Modern timepieces, without forgetting the good old days. The watches are made from the highest quality materials, like all stainless steel and titanium. Furthermore some models have sapphire glass, the strongest and clearest glass exists. Watches with 10 ATM or even 20 ATM waterproof are no exception. We are proud to share the sense of Holland through a variety of sophisticated watch series with Dutch design. Prisma Watches is The Netherlands and The Netherlands is Prisma Watches. As diverse as the Dutch population, so varied is the assortment. From reliable work to design watches. A beautiful watch is a wonderful expression of character. It does not matter what you do in everyday life. We have the right watch for you. The brand is also available at your local jeweller. We like to see everyone happy with their appearance.

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  1. 慧君 鄭 (verified owner)

  2. Egbert Hidding (verified owner)

    prima horloge pinnetje in band ging los prima opgelost door prisma binnen 2 dagen nieuwe pin + tool voor montage super geregeld.

    Prisma Gents Watch Silver Titanium with Sapphire P.1271 PerformancePrisma Gents Watch Silver Titanium with Sapphire P.1271 Performance

  3. Adele Simane (verified owner)

  4. Elin (verified owner)

    Very happy with my purchase! Beautiful watch.

    Prisma P.1991 Pearl Bicolor WatchPrisma P.1991 Pearl Bicolor Watch

  5. SJAAK HAMSTRA (verified owner)

  6. Johannes Schelfhorst (verified owner)

    very nice watch, may buy a other one thank you.

    Prisma P.1326 Master Blue WatchPrisma P.1326 Master Blue Watch

  7. SJAAK HAMSTRA (verified owner)

  8. Jozef Van den Hatert (verified owner)

    Classy beautifull


  9. Ton Houben (verified owner)

  10. Geert Brands (verified owner)

    Voor mensen met een smallere pols is dit een geschikt horloge. Om te zien is het ook mooi.
    Jammer is dat het bijbehorende leren bandje aan de stugge kant is.

    Prisma P.1005 Signature Gold Titanium WatchPrisma P.1005 Signature Gold Titanium Watch

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