Inspiration for a new generation.

  • Prisma P.1820 Leeghwater Grey

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  • Prisma P.1821 Leeghwater Black

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Upgrade your style

with a statement piece.

Your watch is perfect to make a good impression, but what if you like to accentuate both your stylish and sportive looks? We took up the challenge as Prisma exists for more than 70 years. A special moment to come with a brand-new design, right? Thanks to the community, Leeghwater is the perfect combination of stylish design and sportive effusion.

Refined details.

Classic elegance without using any words.


Leeghwater is for the stylish man who wants something truly unique. Make an impression of classic elegance without using any words. The powerful appearance is enhanced by the bold colour combinations and matt finish. Emotional value comes with time. Therefore, high quality materials like sapphire glass and 316L stainless steel make sure this timepiece will last. We will keep you posted about the progress.

Story of Leeghwater.

Inspiration for a new generation.

The Netherlands emerged when water was turned into land. Leeghwater was one of the Dutch who invented tools for this impoldering. A brilliant invention that was very innovative at the time. Because this watch design has never been made before, we thought it was a fitting name for the collection. Both the triangle design and the blue color refer to this fantastic element.