Vintage watches for gents. Experience the good old times.

To experience and relive the good old times, we have created some stunning vintage watches. Timepieces for a powerful expression of trust and authenticity. Life is dynamic! We are looking for change and we like innovation. But classic details can enrich our lives. They are a solid basis and can be a lasting element. The Prisma Vintage Collections have an expressive character and accompany the modern men and women with quality and genuineness. Check below the men’s vintage watches.

Vintage is happening. Vintage furniture, vintage clothes, vintage styles and of course vintage watches. These timepieces have a certain style that can hardly be found in any of the new watches currently on the market. Vintage articles in circulation are limited, since they are no longer being produced. This is one of the main reasons vintage is so expensive.

We at Prisma don’t believe that your watch should cost a month salary, or a multitude of that. A watch should be of good quality, but affordable. Welcome to our vintage collections. Inspired by the good old days, executed with the knowledge of today. This way, there is always a vintage Prisma that suits your style, keeping you timelessly fashionable.

Men’s vintage watches

Stand out, don’t be dull. Because you start building on yourself and your dreams when you leave your comfort zone. A men’s vintage watch is a fantastic expression of this trait. Make a statement and inspire others to be more awesome.

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The Prisma Signature Vintage Collection

Vintage goes beyond our comfort zone, but at the same time, we’re drawn towards it. Different than accustomed, the date is placed at 12, instead at 3 or 6 o’clock. A small seconds hand at 6 is a tribute to the past, since a seconds hand was seen as a complication in the early days. The curved dial and glass gives this timepiece an extra dimension. The leather strap is incredibly supple. This watch makes sure you can enjoy vintage style, without paying a vintage price.


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Signature Style

This watch is the most loyal to vintage of all watches in our collection. Men namely didn’t wear complicated watches as they do now. They usually wore watches that displayed the hours and minutes, and that’s it. This watch is made practical by the addition of a date indication, in a classical way at 6 o’clock. The watch is extremely thin and has a small size. This makes it comfortable and easy to wear. It also slips easily under your cuff, which makes it very suitable for suits. The leather strap with alligator print and round buckle creates the ultimate vintage finish.


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Prisma Signature Style Black welk horloge moet ik kopen which watch should I buy

Dome Mark

Make a marvellous impression with the Dome Mark, a stunning men’s vintage watch. This retro model reinforces your personality and makes a bold impression without using any words. The dome class gives this classic watch a modern twist. This is a modern interpretation of vintage watches. It is inspired by designs our ancestors produced. A nice striking dial, simple hour markings, sleek hands and curved glass are the elements that remain from the old timepieces. The modern additions are a date window, luminous hands and index at 3, 6, 9 and 12. By combining old with new, we created an authentic looking Prisma watch. Extremely usable in today’s society, while staying true to the Prisma history,

  • Prisma P.1911 Dome Mark Black

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  • Prisma P.1912 Dome Mark Champagne

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  • Prisma P.1913 Dome Mark Silver

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Signature Bold

By now it becomes clear that curved glass and curved dials are a reoccurring theme among vintage watches. This collection has both as well. The trained eye will also notice that the watches have different Prisma logos. This is done on purpose as every collection is inspired by a different Prisma era. In this collection you can see the small seconds hand at 6 and a date window at 3. The brushed dial gives the watch an industrial but refined look. Therefore it will compliment your favorite outfits, while wearing a piece of history.


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Dome Classic

An other appealing model from the men’s vintage watches is th Dome Classic. A stylish and classy one. The roman marks on the outer edge of the dial and the special dome glass creates an authentic look. This vintage watch makes a clean and organized appearance and is made of high quality materials such as real oil leather. Absolut a modern interpretation of characteristic vintage design elements. The classic 3, 9 and 12 give the dial a familiar orientation. The small sub-dial at 6 indicates the seconds. Furthermore, the watch glass is thick, curved and slopes down at the edge of the watch. A railroad track at the edge of the dial functions as minute markers which are interrupted by roman numerals. The shining dial brings this timepiece back to the present through its modern finishing and shining effect.

  • Prisma P.1915 Dome Classic Black

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  • Prisma P.1916 Dome Classic Brown

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  • Prisma P.1917 Dome Classic Gold

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Dome Chrono

Last but not least, the Dome Chrono. This is the only collection that has a complication other than a day, date or seconds complication. It is the, through history inspired, Prisma chronograph. Because all watches used to be mechanical back in the day, we wanted to let this return in this watch. That is why the seconds hand of the chronograph moves like a mechanical watch. It slides across the dial, instead of ticking. Furthermore, this watch also has a date display. The dial shows a wonderful guilloche pattern. The diameter brings it back to the present. It embodies modern times, but through it flows vintage blood.

  • Prisma P.1920 Dome Chrono Blue

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  • Prisma P.1921 Dome Chrono Gold

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More men’s vintage watches

These are the latest creations of Prisma retro watches for men, but there is more! Please feel free to take a look at the whole assortment. From classic to sportive designs. Which of the vintage watches do you like the most? You can let us know below! If you like, you can read more about our about this Dutch watch brand or learn more about watches in the blog.

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